Hari Kebangsaan .

Today, my school had a national day event. Woke up at 6 in the morning which i seriously hate. Siriusly. I was conducting a choir performance eventho it wasn't perfect, I had fun. With everyone in their tradisional clothes on, it was adorable. Firstly, we had a short march with the formation and shit. Then, sat in the hot sun singing the national anthem with Josiah and Michelle and Dharil. Later, just chill with Husna, Tanee, Puteri, Elissa and Aina with Michelle <3 And go around the school just trollin . After school, me and my mum went to her friend's restaurant . I was so impatient so take off this kebaya of mine and just wear a tee with the aircond and cmpter on . haaaaaaaa~ Now I'm just laying in bed gettin cozy with the laptop; creepin with michelle. Its fun when you're in school and just sit around talk without worrying about anything. I really did have fun.
-15 September 2011 -

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