16 September 2011

Well, hello there. Just got back from Ain's fashion show in Suria KLCC. It was tiring. There was no seat available and it was crowded like asdfghjkl. I had to cramp in with my mum, Luques and Natasha. There were some performance befo so that was the reason I have leg cramps now. The fashion show was delayed so.. lama tunggu. After the singing and stuff, then it was IFTC fashion show. woooooo~ Ain was the 10th person and she looked adorable up there. Then I saw Myra and Buyon in one of the crowds.That was a shocker. Hehehehe. After Ain, we immediately leave. Penat kot! It was already 10 pm , so balik cepat-cepat. The mall was closing and nothing creeps me out more than dark malls. Reminds me of  LEFT4DEAD hahaha. Then we head to kedai mamak and just chill there and eat.  God, 3rd semester, WHERE YOU AT? I can't wait for the 3rd sem. Can't wait to see the familiar faces and work with Malin again. Gonna stop here as these are all my state of mind today. xxx


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