30 September 2011

Hello there . Ahh today is the first day of holiday. A PMR holiday. Its not really that long but long enough for me to be dedicated and STUDY for the finals. Its gonna be a challenging thing for a teenager but hope i can work it out. Sem 3 starts tommorow. Woooo. I realize that in most post, i tend to talk about KLPAC all the time. Well, i'll try and stop it and only post things that are relevent and interesting. Heck NO. I'll blog and post any shit i want and if that seem to bother you, there's an X button right over there.YOU MAD? ........ STAY MAD *troll. Was absent in school for two days the other day for some reasons. Michelle missed me :'D aww , love that ninja.  school was school on Friday but had such a deep religious talk w michelle and josiah. Don't really know how did we come up to that but it was fine. The slapping ABC game has become the new tradition and that is the reason why my hand would be as red as asdfghjkl when i come back home. Saw Miss Universe Miss Malaysia (or is it the way around) yesterday. It is fun watching those girls eventho some gave such horrible answers, I solemnly swear i enjoy watching it.

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