There is always a first time for everything.

Many of the things that i do today come crossing by that quote. Today has been such an experience for me. Wouldn't go all details but man, wooh. So many mixed emotions all in me right now. I cant even... Anyway, today is the second day of my SEM 3 . How exciting is that? I got to be an old man and a professor today doing 3 minutes skits. I never knew working with small kids would be so.. fascinating. Their passion, talent and creative minds are the things that draw me into this. So, what i'm about to tell you is the title of my upcoming production *drumroll* MOMO AND THE TIME THIEVES. I guess you can google abt it and don't really need me to explain the whole story. You are all welcome to see this production at The Actor's Studio. I would probably tell the details abt the tickets and location 2 weeks before the production.

-5 October 2011-

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