So this whole week is RAYA week and I'm lovin it (: So, the first thing on every year of first day of Raya is what we called the salam-mintak-maaf in my family. Basically, its asking our parents for forgiveness on anything that we did. 

i wasn't even ready yet . kept running up and down towards my room and the living room, trying to get my hair done but everyone kept screaming and shouting asking me to come down and take the family annual raya picture. hahaha (:

So, first stop was all of Uncle Aziz's brothers house. They were all so friendly eventho i just met them and i was there just hangin and eating out with Uncle Aziz's daughters. But mostly just eat. (its raya anyways!) Then, we hoped off to Aunty Norma's house at Kajang. After that, we went back home to just chill for literally, an hour. Bak kata pepatah, there's no place like home~ haha. Later, we went to Abah's house. Nana , Abah's daughter baked a sandwich cake where they take two cake and combined it with a strawberry jam on the middle and it was Magnifique ~ I loved it! Just like how my sister baked it (:


Then, off to Michelle's house! I was excited. She had a mission ; TO MAKE ME LOVE LAKSA SARAWAK and guess what? She did. It was not like other laksa, well i haven't eaten one before and i wouldn't even want to because i don't like the smell of laksa, i could literally vomit. But laksa sarawak taste like mee curry-ish which michelle gets pissed if i say that but it does! haha. but its nice tho (Y) we 'beraya' in Michelle's house till 1.30 am just lepaking and chillin around while our parents have a conversation till so late at night. but its fun raya-ing with my bruce lee here <3

Haha, luke and luvell just trollin around. We were so exhausted after all the journey and got back home at 2 am. The next day, we had Aunty Shasha in our house and me, Luques and Iman, which is Aunty Shasha's son played Bingo , Uno Speed , Uno Game , Blaff card , Foosball . 


Then, we went to Aunty Norma's house, AGAIN. Cause my mum wanted to meet her long-lost friend or something like that while we, the kids played some fireworks and also eating LIKE A BOSS. OMNOMNOM . God, i eat every 3 seconds. The fuck..... haha. 


haha yes, i'm the one back there, getting all birdied up .  And so, today we had a few more relatives come down to our house but like teenagers would do, we gather up and play some games. We played the same game i played ysterday with Luques and Iman. And mmmmmmmmmmm gurl ~ let me tell you sumsum no one can defeat me  in Uno Speed now. Well in the 7th grade, i was a total failure when it comes to Uno Speed and now, i stepped up my game yo. *Z SNAPFORMATIONHIPSROTATIONBOOTYSENSATION. 
You Trippin'? 


haha so this is what so far has become my raya week. Tmrw, we're gonna have more relatives coming over and I'm just lazy to blog all about it. If something interesting occur, I'll state here. don't worry. Au revoir ~ 

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