1. i want to be successful person and make my mum proud in anything that i do in the future.
2. a pink tee and my pj pants (since its 3 in the morning)
3. god, i can't remember the details but all i remember was break fast in pyramid and went raya shopping there.
4. how cozy my bed is (:
5. i'm not that overboard in Tumblr. I just reblog like a boss and that's all i do mostly. I don't get really attached to my fellow Tumblarians. That's not what tumblr is about. but nuff said I'm socially awkward.
6. Yes I have but not on shooting stars but on the brightest star i see .
7. I don't have any longest relationship or wtv and i don't need one now currently.
8. From my sister saying : I'm outside.
9. People that attracts me are funny people and not afraid to stand out.
10. Not really. I laugh at little things especially when I'm bored. But its sort of my habit that I will still giggle at stuff that aren't funny as i don't want anyone to be offended.
11. Yes. I tend to screw up and talk crap.
12. My bestfriend, MichelleHeidiSonny. Yes, she DO mean something to me. bestfriend kot!
13. Millions of miles away. He's in the UK :p
14. one direction.
15. Nope, not really. But I do miss my KLPAC.
16. Funny, humble and can keep a conversation going.
17. No, I don't. I'm 14.
18. None that i know of.
19. No one's. Just my pillow and the cozy bed.
20. My mum. Yes I would kiss her till the day I die. Love you, Mum.
21. Dated an asshole.
22. Brina's birthday party and the next would be on Tuesday. Raya mahh :D
23. Kendall Jenner is too gorgeous. I can't even.....
24. luvell and luke before they went to bed.
25. my mum. god, must i repeat this?
26. clothes. duhh.
27. single life has done me good. I have girl friends complaining abt their boyfriends in school and i don't enjoy that one bit and plus, i have nobody to worry abt in school or shit like that. pfsststf.
28. You can see there at the sidebar. i'm with jason, an old bestfriend whom I love.
29. No.
30. He was being such a dick.
31. pffsttfst. oh stop it you! hahha not gonna state here. *snapsnapfinger
32. Reese Witherspoon, Chloe Moretz, and many more to state but actually forgotten.
33. Zayn Malik.
34. Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul & Spark Your Dream.
35. Katy Perry. I don't know why.. but i have 4 people saying that I look like her. And here I will state that i do not look like her.
36. everything. i thank God for everything He done for me.
37. No. I think its unnecessary. unless its accidental. wait, is there such thing as accidental abortion? idk but it depends on the circumstances. If you don't want a baby, then don't make love in the first place.
38. I just answered that -.-
39. My baju kebaya.
40. Its pointless for me to write a question here. So, i guesss that's all. Whomever is reading this. I salute you! For wasting 3 minute reading this but I hope you enjoy it.


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