11 July 1997 - A Human Cat Was Born.

* WARNING: I am not responsible for any cheese coming out from any part of your body as suppose to how cheesy this post is gon' get. *

"Umm where are we going?" those were the first words I've ever spoken to you on orientation day. On the first day of school, thats where the trolling begins as you ask me whether my seat next to me was taken. We bonded from that day onwards in conclusion of 'Ninja & Bruce Lee' , 'Union of Endangered Species' with Azhary , you being my personal cat, our teleporting events and -not to forget- our never-ending role playing. I am deeply sorry for not being there on your 15th birthday but i'm sure you'll be very happy by the company you have with our 'geng rehat'. You are the kind of person that will light up any gloomy day with your crazy laughter, your witty charm, your caring persona and well, easy to say, just your presence could brighten up someone's day. My point is, I'm just really glad that you came into my life as my ghetto-crazy-hilarious-wicked best friend. I wish you would have a marvelous birthday, a distinction for your ballet exam, 8A's and to meet our five sexy gay boys one day. 
Love you. Forever and always.

This goes to the incredible Michelle Heidi Sonny.
                                                                                                                               THUG LIFE,
                                                                                                                       Nikki Louina Daniella \m/

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