Well hello there old friend.

I know. It has been ages since I updated this blog of mine. I promised to post my trip to Terengganu for New Years Eve but well as you can see I didn't live up to that deal I guess. But lets just say that I had so much fun being treated like a princess there. Anyway, 2012 so far didn't went as how I thought it would. Everything revolves around this one certain topic every single day. Bonded with more peers and feeling very grateful for that. Living by the quote "Everyone seemed normal until you get to know them" is actually relevant. There are days when my ipod was the only company I had but lets face it, everyone had that moment. There are times when you push everyone away for a slight moment just to stop and think about every single thing that has been going on and analyze it. But nothing can beat that little time you have just to yourself, not thinking of any negativity, listening to beautiful and calm music, reading a good book, sipping tea with slight drizzling outside. Alhamdulilah.So, as you all know I'll be having my PMR in October. This means you'll be expecting the least of me throughout the year.Well basically till the end of October to be precise. I'll have you know that I am freaking out inside based on my not-so-pleasant results from 2011. Well, wish me luck and lets just hope for the best while I work my butt off. -Hakuna Matata-

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