Fellow Homies.

Yesterday, I went to a so-called 6R 6O and 6Y reunion, which didn't really end up that way but it doesnt matter . I had so much fun. Meeting all of them was a pleasure. Seeing how people change in just 2 years was well.... made me realize people do change. Had a late lunch in Pizza Hut as i was famished because I actually just got back from rehearsal. Watched a movie and hung out in Sushi King after that. I don't really do this a lot but once in a while, its nice being in an old familiar environment again. So anyway, my stage manager, Gabbie just tagged me in Facebook of a video- a promo video. of MOMO AND THE TIME THIEVES!  we we we so excited. haha just another 2 weeks for the show. How time flies really really fast. I remembered the first day of Sem 3 where everyone was still shy, still getting to know each other and now, everywhere you see is rehearsing scenes, acting outrageous and rebellious (incident of me and Marissa opening a door of a live show) well, simple to say, we are a big family now and we do love each other. Personally, I love working with this group. I would miss it after the show. But we still got a long way to go. More rehearsals coming up. So, insyaallah, the show would make the intensive rehearsals worth it. 

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