The other day, I went to Michelle's Ballet concert for the very first time. Fyi, she's one of my bestfriends approximately my ninja , if you're wondering. Anyway, it was my first time ever watching her dance on stage. She was graceful as asdfghjkl. The whole entire concert was okay. Some was alright and some was mindblowing and creative. There was this Burlesque performance that I got speechless and the When I Grow Up ballet. I never knew you could do ballet with a song like that and then there was Swan Lake which was already expected to be beautiful -and it was! Little cute performances by little kids and beautiful performances by what I like to call 'pros' maybe?  haha. Michelle's performance was about the Earth and the storyline was just amazing. It was interesting and creative with the black cloth and such and michelle ripping it off and dance her ass off looking graceful and pretty. I got excited and was the only one screaming out loud. Proud of you puteh! xoxo

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