First day of rehearsal.

12 NOVEMBER 2011
Bonjour lovelies. As you can see from the title, I had my first day of rehearsal today. It was awesome. Really had fun. Been waiting so long to start some serious stuff. I actually lost my script and need one of my friends to email it to me and since my printer is not around here, I had to rewrite my lines -.- Thank goodness I get to memorize it before I arrive. Anyways, back to rehearsal, it was tiring but i had so much fun. I had to carry 2 people which was Bailey and Zoey. No, not at the same time but still..... My hands are red . Think imma carry some weight to get up some strength now. Hahahaah. Moreover, Malin told us something about this lady called Uta Hagen. Its the lady in the picture up there, fyi. Malin started saying about how good is this lady in acting. It made me interested and so Malin gave me the link of one of her acting class videos. Man, she's good. What she says are relevant and really gave me some pointers about acting. Go wiki her if you wanna know more. This is the video that Malin gave me to see this lady and how she talks about actors acting and plus, she's known for her respect for acting :


So, now I have more rehearsals to go to. Gonna go all out. Hope it'll BE EXTRAORDINARY. See what I did thurrr? (Its an Actor's Studio moto) hahaha. Peace out (^.^)V

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