Have you ever had that moment where you just miss one moment of your past? I sure did . I miss my broggots very much. I miss just chilling with the boys at the back of the class playing batu seremban. I miss the time where Jason never fail to make me laugh even in my so called 'gloomy' days. I miss Faiz's pervy jokes that would crack up the whole class. I miss my BIKA days with Ainnur. I miss trolling in the library. I miss the mini race in the bus stop. I miss siting in class gossiping with Irdina and Azhary. I just miss all of it. So, here I learned a lesson, never rush to grow up. Live life to the fullest every second of it. Savour every precious moment. Don't let one little stupid thing ruin any of that.  P/s : I miss you very much illeyh (:

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