4 November 2011


  4 NOVEMBER 2011
This date will be remembered. I had the best day in school for the year 2011. Laughed so much and enjoy every moment of it. I was the charade girl and i was playing with a few ppl like Xiao Wen, Mysara, Aimy, Michelle, Azirah, Tengku, Josiah and Valen. While we were playing, out of sudden the whole class joined in. It was hilarious. I was impersonating each and everyone in 2 Pentium then I was Ju-On and etc etc. Then, masa rehat, Tanee was talking abt how she wish we would all stay bonded even till we're in College. Awww <3 Husna would be a supermodel and Aminah would have.. *wink. Love them . After that, we had perhimpunan and for the first time, I enjoyed it. Laughing like a hyena when Cha did his famous OOOOUUIIII *tshhhhh and berbalas peace between Michelle and Ustaz. Oh, and Michelle binti Heidi. TROLOLOLOLOL. Bapak crack~ as Tengku would say. Now, this is how I wanna remember "school in 2011" (:

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