to be or not to be

Bonjour, lovelies. Gahh, I'm having exams next week, again. It kinda feels weird when you have a holiday in between your exams. Sometimes, u just forgot. Anyways, I already have a role for my Actor's Studio Production and I'm not gonna tell you what i'll be, its sort of a surprise. Come by and support the malaysian theater performance and see it for yourself :) These past few days, i am having such a weird moment where I'm eager to learn french. I don't know why but lets just get on with that. I use to speak little french sentences to Michelle last year and it seems to disappear from my head. I couldn't even know how are we suppose to learn a language where you don't even use it in your daily life. Its gonna be hard. There are thousands millions of words and how am i suppose to learn each and every single words. This morning, my little brothers had their cutest little concert for their school. I was laughing, excited and really drawn into these children's performances. Many hilarious and cutest moments there . Moving on, I saw michelle's concert costume and she looked HNNG. As she said, macam tinkerbell  ^.^V Imma stop here with a random SPENCER PHRASE. (The coolest brother ever.)

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